Thursday, April 30, 2009

West Virginia Walkabout

I've been a bad blogger! April was a terribly busy month! The first half of the month was pretty much ruled by the tax deadline. The rest of the month was dedicated to taking care of everything that I neglected the first half of the month and trying to get it all done prior to leaving for our mini vacation in West Virginia. So, sorry about that!

That said, my wife and I went to West Virginia to visit her extended family and we took our cameras with us. As luck would have it every day we were there was gorgeous. We had perfect blue skies, 90 degree + temperatures, and nature at her finest! All of the flowers were in bloom, the trees sprouted their leaves, and all the wildlife was out in full force. Here's a small sample of our trip.

This is an old shot tower where they made shot for ammunition in wars past.

It just wouldn't be a river in the south without the ever present fishermen.

The varieties of flowers and trees in bloom were just a color extravaganza!

I just loved this particular scene from my vantage point.

Of course I'll limit pictures of my wife to just this one just to spare you the hundreds that I usually take.

This is just across the street from my wife's grandmother's house. I could have sat on the porch and stared at this all day!

And I'll leave you with this beautiful sky!

Until we meet again!